Ausgussanschluss- und Abdichtungsmaschine
Spout Inserting& Sealing Machine (Turret Table Type)
Application & Materials
  • Sealable laminated bag with sealable spout.
  • Rotary type, single table makes operator easily locate the bag sealing position.
Spout Sealing Section
  • Pneumatic controlled spout-sealing stand easy for operator to control the sealing pressure.
  • Equipped with automatic temperature controller provides accurate sealing temperature.
  • Equipped with timer for sealing time control ensures each pouch sealing quality.
  • Equipped with foot-touch type operation system, easy for operation.
Spout Position
  • On bag open top or 30°~45° of bag corner.
Optional Accessories
  • Bag-angle cutting device.
  • Spout sealing mould.
Model No. SI-30R Series
Bag Width 110 ~ 200 mm
Bag Length 160 ~ 300 mm
si-30R bag
Standard Spout Dimension (L × W × H × D) 40 mm × 16 mm × 31 mm × 17 mm
Other size can be specified as requested
si-30R bag
Machine Size L 850 x W 1100 x H 1200 mm
* The working speed depends on the material condition and bag size.
* Due to machine development, above information may change without notice.